5/11/21 FDA gave IND approval for a BRD9 protein degrader

Since late 2018 we have been waiting for the development of this. Two companies, C4 therapeutics, and Foghorn Therapeutics have been developing treatments. Now Foghorn has received approval for a phase 1/2 IND trial for this BRD9 approval. This treatment is specifically developed for synovial sarcoma. Has any one enrolled in this clinical trial? Any information from doctors?
Here is the announcement: * Received IND clearance for FHD-609, a targeted protein degrader, which is being developed for the treatment of synovial sarcoma

Hope this is one breakthrough.

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First dosed patient in new clinical trial for BRD9 degrader.
This clinical trial is now active an exploring the effects of this new drug.
I only have the information that appears in internet.
Has anyone managed to sign up for this phase I clinical trial?
Any one has further information about any aspect of this?

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I am in Boston waiting to begin the foghorn trial. This trial is over two months in and they just started cohort to which means 10 mg of FHD609. There are many 5 mg slots open at down at Farber and at MD Anderson and at the hospital in Tennessee is well. So far very minimal side effects for the five or six people already participating